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Betwinner is a relatively young betting company that appeared in 2018, but at the same time is under the leadership of the rather well-known organization Marikit Holdings Ltd. The company is very popular among Russian-speaking users, offering a convenient and bright interface. Among the company’s advantages are a large number of betting events, a wide variety of outcomes, as well as profitable odds and bonuses . In case of blocking the official Betwinner website , you can always use the Betwinner mirror.

What is Betwinner’s Mirror?

Mirror Betwinner is a complete copy of the site, which is registered by the administration of the bookmaker company under a different domain name. The main function of the site mirror is to provide users with the opportunity to freely place bets in this office without any complications.

The reason for the appearance of Betwinner mirrors is that in some countries the activities of this company are classified as prohibited, which is why local citizens are not allowed to go to its official website, setting provider restrictions. Blocking is carried out by adding the official site to the list of blocked by the provider, which is why users cannot access it and log into their account.

Since the Betwinner mirror is registered under a different domain name, which is not on the banned lists, you can access it from any country without any difficulties. Bets from the Betwinner site mirror are carried out in the same way as from the main one, because it has exactly the same interface and is based on the same servers.

Betwinner working mirror for today

On this page, you can always see the Betwinner working mirror. If one of the mirror sites is included in the list of blocked sites, the company launches a new one, and we update our list so that you can always access rates through this bookmaker.

Bypassing the blocking of the official site

Mirror is not the only way to bypass the blocking for smooth betting on prohibited bookmaker sites. In addition, there are several more options for bypassing blocking, allowing you to install even through the official website:

  • VPN. You install a special application on your computer, which can be executed as a separate client or a special browser plug-in. With this application, your IP address changes on a permanent basis or when you try to enter a prohibited site, due to which no one will block your access.
  • Proxy browser. A special browser that initially has a built-in function to change your virtual address. The most popular program of this type is Tor Browser.
  • Mobile Application . By accessing the Betwinner mobile app, you bypass any blockages.

If you do not want to use the Betwinner mirror, you can use any of the options presented to bypass the blockages.


When registering, we recommend that you immediately decide on the currency of the game account with which it is most convenient for you to play, as well as enter a welcome promotional code to accrue bonuses. The company offers lucrative promotions for novice bettors that will help you win even more.


  1. У вас всегда рабочее зеркало. Перестало работать – сразу к вам и вижу новую ссылку. Оперативно работаете 🙂

    • Проверил их зеркало через соц сети Бетвиннер, там такое же указано. Причем раза 3-4 проверял, потому что иногда тут моментально новые ссылки появляются, а я о них даже не в курсе, хотя ставлю на Бетвиннере уже 2 года и постоянно слежу за новостями. Так что все нормально, просто админы шустрые или сотрудничают с БК.

  2. А где-то можно убедиться, что ваше зеркало реальное? Не хочется просто отдать данные.

  3. А если у меня опять заработает официальный сайт, регистрация с зеркала будет актуальна? В смысле мне там придется заново регистрироваться или просто нужно выполнить вход по этим данным?

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