A win-win sports betting strategy

беспроигрышные стратегии ставок

There are many interesting game strategies in betting, but not all of them guarantee income. Often, such tactics are trying to find professional bettors who want to get income from betting.

In this article, I will share my experience with win-win betting strategies. Not all of them allowed me to earn income on a distance.

Catch up

Dogon is one of the most popular win-win systems in betting. According to the terms of tactics, I have to make sports bets on the chosen outcome. I also recommend using dogon live.

As an example, I propose to consider the match “Barcelona” – “Napoli”. I will predict Barcelona’s goals scored at specific intervals. After each loss, I have to double my bet.

Win-win strategy sports betting
  • I bet $ 10 on the outcome of a goal scored in the interval 1 – 15 minutes with odds of 3.74. Assume failure.
  • I bet $ 20 on the market for a goal scored in the interval of 16 – 30 minutes with odds of 3.4. Assume failure.
  • I bet $ 40 on the market for a goal scored in the interval of 31 – 45 minutes with odds of 3.0. Let’s say you win.

My net income was: 3 * 40-70 = $ 50. The strategy works, but there is one drawback – bookmakers impose sanctions on betters who work with catch-up. The sanctions for catching up are cutting the highs and freezing the account.


The bookmaker doesn’t like this system either, but it shows good results at a distance. To work with the tactics, I need to make a bet on two opposite markets on such conditions that I get income for any outcome of the match.

The essence of the system is to choose the right quotes and markers that will guarantee me income. In this case, surebets will bring me a guaranteed income.

Consider an example, the match “Zenith” – “Locomotive”. One office on P1 offers quotation 2.16.

How to do sports betting to always win?

Suppose, in another bookmaker on the 2X market, I found an odds of 2.15. It turns out to be a classic fork, I bet $ 100 on each of the markets. As a result, for any result of the fight, I will receive a guaranteed income.

Before working with this tactic, I advise you to carefully analyze the rules of the office. Some bookmakers are loyal to users who use surebets. The downside of the strategy is that most bookmakers simply block accounts for using the strategy.

There are many financial strategies that allow you to count on earning income at a distance, for example, the Martingale method, flat, Kelly Criterion. These strategies still do not provide a 100% guarantee of making a profit. I wish you good luck!

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