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Esports is gaining popularity in betting. At the moment, this is one of the most popular betting disciplines. I figured out this issue and want to share my experience with you. Below I will tell you all the features of esports betting.

My tips for beginners

There are many opinions as to which sport is the best for predicting. All players have their own unique interests and preferences.

To increase the permeability of the bets, I do the following:

  • If I am not sure about a bet, then I do not commit it.
  • Beginners need to bet on the markets with small quotes. This situation greatly increases my chances of success.
  • I work in betting only with trusted bookmakers.
  • There is no need to immediately try to win back the drained funds. First, I have to figure out the reasons for the loss.
  • I always act in a balanced and deliberate manner.
  • Before making a bet, I analyze expert opinion.

Types of bets

The list varies significantly depending on the chosen cyber discipline. Often the bookmaker offers the following markets:

  • Exodus. I predict who will win the opposition.
How to do cyber sports betting?
  • Total time. I need to indicate how long the selected fight will last.
  • Total by cards. Here I can indicate odd / even or the number of cards played.
 cards while betting on cyber sports.
  • Will the team win at least one map.
  • Individual total kills. I have to predict kills for a specific team, etc.

The level of the list directly depends on the popularity of the tournament and the type of cyber sports discipline.

Advantages and Disadvantages

I propose to first move on to considering the advantages of eSports:

  • Winning the underdogs. The collectives for which the reduced quotations are offered very often win here.
  • Broadcast availability. I can watch fights on twitch or on a bookmaker’s resource.
  • Openness. Teams do not hide information about themselves, unlike sports disciplines.
  • Frequent fights. I can always find in the bookmaker’s line of confrontation for prediction.
  • Bookmaker errors. Not all offices in their odds reflect the real balance of power. Thanks to this, I find a lot of valuable quotes.

Now let’s move on to the cons:

  • Reduced maximum bet limits.
  • In all offices in odds a high margin of up to 14% is established.
  • Fixed matches. Many contractual confrontations are recorded in Korea and China.

Having analyzed all the advantages and disadvantages of esports, I came to the conclusion that all bettors should pay attention to this discipline. I wish you good luck!

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